From Sarah

Working with Amy has been a joyful and empowering experience! Her natural energy combined with deep empathy and focus gave me a space to dig deep and really explore my goals. I felt renewed after each session to create the change needed in my life. I now have much greater clarity around the challenges that had been holding me back.  I frequently find myself revisiting our sessions and reflecting on her unique and authentic insights. 

From Laura

Amy has been instrumental in helping me clarify my goals around healthy relationships in my life and identify boundaries that I needed to set in order to live the life I desire.  The courage and strength I developed throughout our sessions gave me the motivation to make significant, positive changes in my home life, friendships and workplace.    

From Mel

With her intuitive, warm and structured coaching, I have seen positive changes in my emotional state, relationships and work environment. Amy’s straightforward approach cuts through my mind “noise” and helps me focus on my goals with specific action plans and tools as well as metrics to measure my growth.